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Pro tips for Google My Business (Google Business Profile)

Everything you need to know about Google My Business (Google Business Platform)Google’s business platform is invaluable for any business owner or entrepreneur – and it’s FREE! So, if you have a solar, HVAC, or construction company, sell real estate or are a mortgage lender, Google My Business should be a pivotal part of how new clients find you.

Read on for pro tips about your Google My Business listing and you can also download the full report here. For help setting up or optimizing your Google My Business listing, just contact me at norm@yourgreenmarketing.com.


  • So maybe your company sells solar power or you’re a Realtor, mortgage broker, etc. – a business that goes to where the client lives instead of having a physical storefront. This is a great hack – you can add your services (solar power instillation, HVAC, home sales, home loans, etc.) under the GMB Products section. That will really boost your SEO and give you a competitive advantage.
  • To improve your SEO with Google, fill in your description and posts with relevant keywords that fit your audience and consumers’ needs and searches. However, don’t artificially stuff keywords into content – that will actually hurt your score with Google.
  • You have seamless integration with YouTube, Gmail, and plenty of add-ons from Google Chrome.
  • Google rewards you for the frequency and recency of quality content, so make sure to periodically update your GMB profile with specials, promotions, case studies, new products, stories, and other content that helps your client base.
  • You can also add clickable links to the text, bringing Google viewers to your website, social media, blogs, YouTube videos, etc.
  • Most people don’t realize that Google offers a messaging platform called Google Business Messages that allows you to directly communicate with consumers and your audience. You simply have to turn on the Chat feature from your Google Business Profile or business listing and you’re off to the races!
  • You can set up auto responders, set up notifications so you never miss a potential client’s question, and integrate Google Business Messages with third-party apps, or even add Google’s chat feature to your company website! Cool!
  • In order to screen out those who aren’t your ideal clients, add pricing parameters to your listing. This will allow Google to “price out” those consumers who are just looking for cheap, cheap, cheap products or services.
  • Consumers can ask questions to your business profile on Google, which is a perfect opportunity to educate your audience about the benefits and advantages you offer.
  • Of course, there’s no reason why you can’t have employees, co-workers, or friends post questions from their personal Google accounts if you want to publicly address that topic – for all others to see.
  • The average business profile includes 11 photos, so make sure to add more (and better) photos to your Google Business Platform listing.
  • To differentiate yourself and really give your SEO a jump-start, fill out the Special Attributes section on Google Business Profile, which allows you to document that you have disability access, you’re a women-owned business, veteran-owned business, and more.


-Norm Schriever

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