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How Artificial Intelligence can help your business.

https://youtu.be/26PWAXpfDI0 “AI may be a fast, sexy sportscar, but it still needs a driver these…

Why podcasting is a marketing coup for financial planners & professionals (part 2)

https://youtu.be/YzFWl8nW-CU If you’re a financial planner or professional, starting a podcast can be a huge…

Why podcasting is a marketing coup for financial planners.

https://youtu.be/57wMjIbMnjY In today's digital media age, financial planners are harnessing the power of podcasting to…

Where will your next client come from?

https://youtu.be/t763i5zqoUs ✅ Your mind probably starts spinning with possibilities with the mere question. After all,…

My recent marketing talk for a group of financial planners.

https://youtu.be/dAdRKtt4rcs I recently had the opportunity to give a presentation to a study group of…

7 Important Questions to Ask in Your Client Satisfaction Surveys

https://youtu.be/1zLhFGple9c Client satisfaction surveys are a great way to connect with your current client base,…

12 questions to ask about your marketing.

https://youtu.be/hCcsbphcC3A Are you leveraging time? Your greatest asset is your TIME, definitely not your money…

Marketing is math! Here’s how to leverage the numbers for business growth.

https://youtu.be/zHoCAFkv-Gw The old sales adage is that it takes seven positive interactions with a prospect…

The marketing formula every financial planner needs to know.

https://youtu.be/NwBVKAdAid8 I recently had a financial planner client confess to me that there are a…

What’s the most essential marketing for financial planners and professionals?

https://youtu.be/ZlpuHQexjr8 What’s the most important marketing I should be doing? I often get that question…
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