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Everything business owners need to know about Google My Business!

Hey everyone, this is Norm Schriever with GreenWave marketing with some great information for you about Google My Business. Any of my friends, my clients, and even random people on the street are probably sick of me talking about Google My Business, but it’s a platform that really helps a lot of business owners and …

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Your potential customers are going to THESE social media platforms to research before buying…

Consumers go to these social media platforms for info and advice before buying. The simple answer is that you want to be active on the social media platforms that your idea client or customer uses most. But it goes deeper than that, because most people don’t just use social media these days for entertainment or …

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Key stats about Google My Business (Google Business Profile)

Google represents 92% of search traffic in the U.S.

There are 3.5 billion Google searches/day!

Google My Business listings with photos are considered 200% more reputable than profiles without listings and get 35% more clicks and 114% more requests.

Consumers are 270% more likely to use your business if you have a complete profile (not missing key elements like contact info, description, your hours, etc.).

When businesses respond to reviews, consumers are 170% more likely to see that business (and reviews) as trustworthy.

90% of consumers look at reviews before making a purchase.

Pro tips for Google My Business (Google Business Profile)

So maybe your company sells solar power or you’re a Realtor, mortgage broker, etc. – a business that goes to where the client lives instead of having a physical storefront. This is a great hack – you can add your services (solar power instillation, HVAC, home sales, home loans, etc.) under the GMB Products section. That will really boost your SEO and give you a competitive advantage.

To improve your SEO with Google, fill in your description and posts with relevant keywords that fit your audience and consumers’ needs and searches. However, don’t artificially stuff keywords into content – that will actually hurt your score with Google.

You have seamless integration with YouTube, Gmail, and plenty of add-ons from Google Chrome.

Google rewards you for the frequency and recency of quality content, so make sure to periodically update your GMB profile with specials, promotions, case studies, new products, stories, and other content that helps your client base.

You can also add clickable links to the text, bringing Google viewers to your website, social media, blogs, YouTube videos, etc.

Great hacks for Google My Business (Google Business Profile)

For the first photo you use for your GMB profile (outside of your logo), use a photo of people – your staff, team, or happy customers. Google’s algorithms (and potential clients) love to see human faces!

Google provides a link that you can send to clients and friends so they can easily leave reviews. You can also share a button with that link on your website or social media pages.

Respond to every Google My Business Review, positive or negative, and try to do it quickly – within 24 hours. That will really help you rank higher and boost your SEO.

Best Practices to Optimize your Google My Business (Google Business Profile)

The setup process can sometimes be a little intensive for some businesses and Google actually mails you a physical postcard with a code on it for verification. But it’s well worth it, as all of the time and energy you invest into GMB at first will offer a competitive advantage for your business.

When setting up your GMB profile, make sure to fill in all of your business information. That includes your address (if you have an office or storefront), hours of operation, description of who you are, your products or services, contact info, social media, and your website, and more.

Take your time and be thorough, filling out anything that Google prompts you. This is the information Google will use to list and rank your business, with GMB listings that are optimized ranking higher in Google Searches than third-party websites! That presents the best organic SEO opportunity your business will ever get.

To simplify, when someone goes into Google (or Google Maps) and does a search for your product or service they need, Google ranks your business based on:

· Relevance
· Distance
· Prominence

Everything you need to know about Google My Business (Google Business Profile)

Google My Business (let’s call it GMB) is a platform by Google that’s used to list and promote businesses. (Note: it’s now officially called Google Business Profile.)

It’s a huge opportunity for business owners, service providers, and entrepreneurs to be discovered by consumers in their local community who are actively searching for products or services.

You can still use GMB is your business doesn’t have a physical location (like a storefront), but you instead provide services at the clients’ home (solar sales, HVAC, etc.) or sell real estate, etc.

Google My Business is an invaluable tool.

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