7th Wave Media

About Us

7th Wave Media is the culmination of a career in marketing by Norm Schriever, who actually started as a real estate agent and mortgage broker in California, as well as working for a law firm.

With those decades of sales, customer service, and, yes, marketing experience, he went on to follow his true passion: helping other business owners and entrepreneurs excel and thrive.

Turning the spotlight on others after such broad experience in financial services also affords 7th Wave Media a unique value proposition.

Norm simply asked the question: “What would I need and want myself (and for how much) if I was to hire someone to help with my marketing?”

With that, a second career was born, one that focuses on delivering value, effectiveness, and efficiency for the bottom line to business owners and entrepreneurs
across the financial service industries.

13 years later, 7th Wave Media still provides a spectrum of custom marketing, media, and promotional services for those who take their business seriously – and
want to see some serious growth.

Our niche includes helping high-net-worth financial planners, mortgage brokers, Realtors, CPAs and tax preparers, and others realize their income potential and outpace their competition.

We encourage you to reach out for a complimentary review of your business’ marketing, to chat about strategy, and just to see if 7th Wave Media is a good fit.

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