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Great hacks for Google My Business (Google Business Profile)

Everything you need to know about Google My Business (Google Business Platform)Google My Business (let’s call it GMB) is a platform by Google that’s used to list and promote businesses. (Note: it’s now officially called Google Business Profile.)

It’s a huge opportunity for business owners, service providers, and entrepreneurs to be discovered by consumers in their local community who are actively searching for products or services.

Here are some great hacks to help you optimize GMB and get the most out of it, and you can always hit me up at norm@yourgreenmarketing.com for more help or download the full report.


  • For the first photo you use for your GMB profile (outside of your logo), use a photo of people – your staff, team, or happy customers. Google’s algorithms (and potential clients) love to see human faces!
  • Google provides a link that you can send to clients and friends so they can easily leave reviews. You can also share a button with that link on your website or social media pages.
  • Respond to every Google My Business Review, positive or negative, and try to do it quickly – within 24 hours. That will really help you rank higher and boost your SEO.
  • Speaking of SEO, the factors that go into your ranking on Google My Business (allowing you to show up on the first page of searches or even #1) include:

Rating (84%)
Legitimacy (81%)
Recency (80%)
Sentiment (79%)
Quantity (79%)
Responding to reviews (78%)
Photos (64%)

  • You can add buttons as a call to action, like Order Now, Request a Quote, Book an Appointment, etc.
  • Google Business Profile offers a marketing kit for your business that includes stickers, social media posts, printable posters, and more and it’s free!
  • They even offer a free website hosted on Google and created automatically based on the information, photos, logo, etc. you input.
  • Google asks you to define your business by category and offers 3,000 categories for you to choose from. You can set up to 10 categories, so make sure to use them all for better visibility.


-Norm Schriever

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