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Financial professionals – are you using Google My Business?

✅ Google My Business is an invaluable online resource for financial professionals, with some profound benefits and advantages.

✅ It not only on matches your business or firm with those who are actively searching for your services but focuses on local searches in your area or where you do business.

✅ It’s also free to set up and use (although a little labor intensive) and compliance typically approves your use of Google My Business (GMB).

✅ With Google representing 92% of all search traffic in the U.S., you’re missing a chief opportunity by not being listed on GMB.

✅ This one-page goes over the very basics of GMB. I have a series of these PDFs for you that cover how to set it up, best practices, pro tips and hacks to maximize its benefit, etc.

✅ It’s all free for you to download at www.7thwavemedia.com or just email me at norm@7thwavemedia.com or drop me a message.

✅ And when it’s time for some help or advice, I’m always available for you!

-Norm Schriever
7th Wave Media.com

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