Why do financial professionals need to utilize email marketing?

✅ Did you know that there are more than 5 billion email accounts in the world today, with 332 billion emails sent each and every day?! ✅ When it comes to communicating with clients and nurturing new prospects, financial professionals have a variety of avenues to choose from. ✅ Email campaigns should be chief among […]

Financial professionals – are you using Google My Business?

✅ Google My Business is an invaluable online resource for financial professionals, with some profound benefits and advantages. ✅ It not only on matches your business or firm with those who are actively searching for your services but focuses on local searches in your area or where you do business. ✅ It’s also free to […]

How often should financial professionals email their clients?

✅ As a financial advisor or professional, you always want to be touching base with your clients. ✅ However, you never want to barrage clients with emails, especially in the world of finance and investments where less is usually more. ✅ So, what’s the sweet spot for how often you should send clients your newsletter, […]

Digital Marketing Checklist

✅ Your Digital Marketing Checklist – 225 ways financial planners and professionals can market, promote, and get more clients online. Whether you’re an advisor, entrepreneur, or business owner, you should know what tools and resources are available to you when it comes to digital marketing. This list of 225 platforms, tactics, and tips will help! […]

10 Strategies for Financial Professionals to Boost Organic Reach on Social Media

If you’re a financial advisor or professional looking to optimize your business’ reach on social media, you’ve probably noticed that organic engagement has fallen off a cliff in recent years. That’s not an accident, as social media platforms’ algorithms are trying to bring us closer to a paid model. But there are still ways to […]

25 Email marketing best practices for financial professionals.

Email marketing is proven to be one of the most effective and highest ROI activities for any financial professional. It’s an essential method too communicate with clients, nurture new prospects, enhance relationships, gain referrals, and more. And yet I’m continually amazed at how few financial planners, wealth advisors, mortgage brokers Realtors, etc. utilize email marketing […]