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How Artificial Intelligence can help your business.

“AI may be a fast, sexy sportscar, but it still needs a driver these days.”

A lot of my clients and friends have been asking about how AI can help their business, and for good reason – talk about AI is everywhere these days.

✅ But how viable is AI for supercharging your marketing?
✅ Is it really ready to replicate or even eliminate you from making videos and other content?
✅ How can it save your time AND enhance lead generation?
✅ Can everything be automated or do you still need marketing people working for you?
✅ And how close are we realistically to seeing AI take over and propel your business to new heights?

In this short video, I offer a quick introduction as to why you should consider AI a useful and even exciting shift in how you do business, but not necessarily take the human element out of your lead generation and client acquisition.

I also document how I’ve undertaken “AI University” and will continue for the next 3-6 months, immersing myself full throttle into every course, workshop, video, and program I can find that will make me an authority in the field (at least from the aspect of marketing and small business use).

With this new wealth of knowledge (gleaned from people a lot smarter than me!), I’m in the midst of assembling an all-in-one AI resource guide. In it, I’ll give you the Cliff Notes as to which AI tools work best, which are most efficient, save you the most time, which are still glitchy or incomplete, too expensive, and which low-quality AI copycats (there are a whole lot of those) to avoid.

Basically, you have all of the AI tools I’ve found and tested at your fingertips without going through the learning curve or expense.

By doing so, you’ll be an early-adopter and have a huge competitive advantage over your competition – for now!

So, follow me, subscribe, or just message me to get this resource list as it develops or if you’re ready to chat about how AI can help your marketing and business.

In service,
Norm Schriever

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