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7 Important Questions to Ask in Your Client Satisfaction Surveys

Client satisfaction surveys are a great way to connect with your current client base, find out what they think and feel about your service, and even garner referrals and new clients.

I outlined the basics of client satisfaction surveys for financial planners and pros in a recent video you can watch here.

So today, I wanted to bring you the actual 7 important questions that you should be asking in these surveys.

I promise you that there’s a method to this madness, as a lot of thought, experience, strategy, and even consumer behavioral psychology goes into what we ask, how we ask it, in what sequence, etc.

Of course, you can rewrite or rework these questions as you see fit and matches your personality or clientele, but the point is that you absolutely need to be utilizing feedback in the form of surveys.

In the end, surveys strengthen the relationship you have with clients, increase loyalty, potentially broaden the scope of business you’re doing with each of them, and gain you more referrals.

I’m currently calling the entire client list for some of my financial planners and administering these surveys on their behalf.

So, contact me if you need help or just a friendly chat about your firm’s marketing – including surveys.

In service,

Norm Schriever
President, 7th Wave Media

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