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Why you NEED to set up a LinkedIn newsletter and start posting articles today.

Hey, everyone, I hope you’re doing great.

As financial planners, professionals, and business owners, most of you are very active on LinkedIn. It’s still the best place to find high-net-worth, serious clients and expand your professional network.

There’s one LinkedIn tool I’ve found that is absolutely incredible for boosting your results and exponentially increasing your lead generation results.

And that is…a LinkedIn newsletter with articles regularly posted to the platform.

LinkedIn allows you to set up a newsletter on their platform and then post your content as an article, whether it be weekly, monthly, or quarterly or whatever you want. There are some great features when you post individual articles like adding embedded videos, clickable links and calls to action, and other powerful tools to reach your target audience.

These newsletters have some huge benefits because LinkedIn actively promotes your content, automatically notifying and inviting your connections and audience!

Since engagement is very low on LinkedIn when we just post something on our timeline (and hope that someone happens to be scrolling and sees it), that’s a massive benefit that can 10x or even 100x your engagement and reach.

The best part is this is all free and you’ll get a whole lot more eyeballs, clicks, and interactions through LinkedIn than posting your content on your website’s blog.

So, I’m going to walk you through it all with a three-part series about LinkedIn newsletters and articles.

Today is just to introduction, in the next video I’ll go through a tutorial how to set up and execute these newsletters and articles, and in the third video I’ll give you best practices, tips, and hacks for optimizing your LinkedIn newsletters.

This is something I highly recommend and I’m starting to do with all of my financial planner and business owner clients.

I’d love to help you as well, so just hit me up if you need someone to set this up for you and launch a new LinkedIn newsletter!

In service,

Norm Schriever

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