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Make your email signature POP! 💻 📤💥

As a financial planner or professional, you write and send about a bizzillion emails per day. (Please don’t ask me for the source of that statistic, but you know it’s true!)

A good number of them are for prospecting, following up with referrals, and trying to get new leads to commit to a meeting so they can become clients.

The problem is that other people receive half-a-bazillion emails, too, so they often just scan rapidly as they scroll down and delete.

So, believe it or not, a good email signature is a small but useful tool in your efforts to communicate through email. And aside from just nice, clean graphics for your e-sig, there’s one other thing you can do to really get your emails noticed.

In fact, you’ll probably have a couple of people reply and say they like your new email sign-off!

So, today I cover adding a scrolling signature to your email graphic. Feel free to watch this short video where I demonstrate and explain.

It’s a simple thing but looks cool – and I promise you will get a few more emails noticed, opened, and even responded to every month.

In the highly competitive, fast-paced world of financial services, anything you can do to stand out, establish your brand, and leave a positive impression with your audience and clients is paramount.

You probably have an email signature already (I hope), so why not make it pop and differentiate yourself from all of your competitors?!

As always, just hit me up if you need help. This only takes me half an hour or so to create, so I don’t mind doing it for you for free.

In service,
Norm Schriever

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