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Why podcasting is a marketing coup for financial planners.

In today’s digital media age, financial planners are harnessing the power of podcasting to amplify their voice and grow their business.

I’m currently helping several clients with podcasts and they’re seeing great results, and I have a couple of my own projects as well.

A podcast (done correctly) doesn’t need to cost much at all and it shouldn’t take more than one hour or so of your time per month (with help).

Here are a few stats about the popularity of podcasts and how they will bring you new clients:

  • Over 155 million Americans have listened to a podcast, showcasing a 32% increase over the past three years.
  • 55% of the US population has tuned in to a podcast, highlighting the widespread adoption and reach of this medium.
  • Research suggests that 54% of podcast listeners are more likely to consider purchasing a product or service after hearing about it on a podcast they regularly listen to.

So, enjoy this introduction of why a podcast is a marketing coup for your business, and look for part 2 next week.

Contact me if you’d like to talk more about the possibility of starting a podcast for your business. And remember, these are things your competitors are not doing (yet!).

In service,
Norm Schriever

In service,
Norm Schriever
President, 7th Wave Media

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