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Which social media platform is “best” for financial planners?

If you’re a financial planner, professional, or any business owner, you better be active on social media. After all, if you don’t spread the word about your services, engage with new audiences, and ask for business, how will you ever grow and gain new clients?

But we sometimes get the question, which is the “best” social media platform to use?

• Facebook is the most popular with middle aged folks, right?
• Isn’t LinkedIn where more serious professionals hang out?
• But what about Instagram and the using hashtags?

Of course, the answer is “It depends.”

That’s because different age groups and demographics use social media differently. For instance, how a Millennial uses social media is far different than a Boomer, and your approach.

Obviously, your target market is probably on the mature side of those demographics, but it’s not always cut and dry.

Thankfully, we have some key studies that look at the analytics around consumer behavior and the different social media sites to see which will be most effective for you. Take a look at this video where I explain the data and how it applies to you.

(And just message me if you want an unobstructed copy of this chart.)

Here are a few of my quick takes:

1) Facebook is like the White Pages (you need to be in there) as many people do a quick check on FB for credibility and social proof.
2) You definitely want an Instagram business account if your company allows it, and you have the chance to foster far more reach.
3) And the “best” social media isn’t a social media site at all but YouTube, which is the #2 biggest search engine in the world behind Google!

As always, if you have any questions, need help, or just to talk about your marketing, drop me a line!

In service,

Norm Schriever

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