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This will boost your email open rates by up to 300%. 📩 💫

I want to introduce you to a platform called Dubb.com that can really make a huge impact on your email marketing, lead generation, and put dollars in your pocket.

There are a whole lot of things Dubb.com can do, but here is the big takeaway:

When you send someone an email, you can only write text or add an image, but video files have to be really small (under 25mb) and only as attachments – so the email recipient won’t see the video unless the click on the email then click to download/view the email.

Other than a good subject line, there’s no good way to catch the person’s attention.

What Dubb offers is an embedded video preview right in the email. They do this with a 3-second GIF file that shows movement just like any video (but without sound).

So, as your prospect or lead is scrolling through their inbox, they’ll automatically see a preview of a video, making it dynamic and instantly attention grabbing.

In a world where we are all ruthlessly deleting anything in our inbox that seems non-essential, sending these embedded video previews through Dubb will completely change your marketing and outreach, boosting your email opens, clicks, and responses by 30-300%.

Think of the value if 30-300% of your prospects and leads opened your emails and watched a custom video from you this year. It would give you a huge competitive advantage, and I bet you could sign on 5, 10, or even 20 more clients (no exaggeration!)

✅ That is just the top of the pyramid of what Dubb does, as the video takes them to a custom landing page with the full video, downloads of documents, your scheduling link, etc.

✅ Dubb also allows you to use custom backgrounds as you record your videos (like a news article or even their investment statement, etc.) and you can mark up the screen, underline or highlight things, collect video feedback and testimonials, and much more.

✅ It integrates with your current CRM, email marketing platform, website, and social media, so you can use these video previews and Dubb in a variety of ways.

I’m just starting to use Dubb.com myself and encouraging all of my clients to jump on board with it, and the cool founders at Dubb were nice enough to offer anyone I bring a discount if they use this link: https://dubb.com/r/normschriever

(YES, they offered me a cut of the action as an affiliate if I brought new clients.
NO, I politely declined as I want to be able to recommend Dubb just because I believe in it with no financial incentive or agenda.)

If you want to see a little more or have a discussion about Dubb.com, just let me know – happy to show you, as I know it will really help grow your business.

In service,

Norm Schriever

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