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The power of client satisfaction surveys for your business.

I wanted to bring you something today that’s become an important tool for many of my financial planner clients, and that’s a client satisfaction survey.

Have you heard the business axiom, if you’re not talking to your clients, then someone else is?

While that is definitely true, I would like to add an amendment to that:

…and if you’re not listening to your clients, someone else is!

And surveys achieve just that – your clients feel listened to and valued when you simply reach out and ask for feedback about your professional representation and service.

What’s more, an annual client satisfaction survey will help you:

  • Get invaluable feedback about the client’s perception (which may be far off from the reality, but I’d argue matters even more!)
  • Honestly look at your shortcomings or room for improvement.
  • And identify and opportunities to help them (meaning new services/more business/growth for you).
  • Sets up a well-received touch point with the client where the ball is totally in their court.
  • Most importantly, you should also ask for referrals to conclude the survey (I’ll go over the nuts and bolts of the survey in future blogs/videos).
  • And you can use the data you gather for marketing purposes! (Our clients rate our communication a 9.7, etc.)

I’m currently calling the entire client list for some of my financial planners and administering these surveys on behalf of their firm, as the end of the year/beginning of the new year is a perfect time to do so.

In the end, surveys strengthen the relationship you have with clients, increase loyalty, potentially broaden the scope of business you’re doing with each of them, and gain you more referrals.

So, enjoy this brief video introduction and look for part 2 and 3 in this series about how to make client satisfaction surveys and important marketing tool and part of your business!

Best always,
Norm Schriever
President, 7th Wave Media

PS Feel free to contact me any time at norm@7thwavemedia.com if you have further questions or would like my blueprint for setting up your firm’s survey.

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