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The #1 best lead generation strategy for financial planners & professionals!

I’ve worked with financial planners and financial professionals helping them with their marketing for decades now and seen a lot of lead generation strategies that didn’t work so well, but a few that were great.

So, today I want to introduce one of the most efficient, effective, and highly productive lead generation strategies I’ve seen – and yet one that so few people take advantage of.

And that is contacting companies, organizations, and even groups and offering to come speak, teach financial literacy, and give workshops or seminars.

Whatever you want to call it, being in front of an audience in a group setting and speaking about what you know and what you’re passionate about is really the #1 best way to build your audience, gain new leads, sign up new clients, and grow your business.

Instead of just one-on-one, you’ll actually be talking to 10, 20, or even 50 people at once, which is incredibly powerful and offers economies of scale.

When you’re invited to be a speaker or presenter, you have 100% credibility and authority with your audience, so you can enter the room with trust already built up and a warm introduction – the most important precursors to sales.

The best part is that once you’re invited to speak at one of these companies, organizations, or groups, if you do a good job (which you will!), you’ll probably be invited back again and again.

So, think of that potential with just one big local company; maybe you do a quarterly financial literacy and retirement planning seminar for them and you’re in front of 100 new people every quarter. Imagine how many people are going to want consultations with you, are going to be warm leads, and how many people will directly become clients!

All of this is simple to achieve (and can be done in-person or virtually) with just an hour or two of your time and a presentation or PowerPoint that you put together and can improve each time you speak.

Of course, the hard part is getting that first invitation to speak from these companies or organizations, that’s where it does take a little bit of time, strategy, and a smart marketing campaign.

But that’s something that I could handle for clients – or even just advise you about if you want to try it on your own. Either way, don’t let that initial barrier to entry deter you from implementing this #1 best lead generation strategy into your business!

Look for part 2 of this video when I go further into depth of the benefits and strategy, and feel free to contact me anytime for help.

In service,

Norm Schriever

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