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Most Common and Worst Investment Mistakes, According to Financial Advisors

In this video, I take a look at a recent survey from the personal finance world that posed a question to thousands of financial planners around the U.S., “What are the most common investing mistakes you see?”

The results offer great insight into what mistakes, errors, and pitfalls keep the average person from growing significant wealth.

But what’s great about this survey is that they also asked financial planners what they thought the worst financial mistake was (not just the most common).

We see that things like trying to time the market, not being diversified, and the taxation piece of the puzzle are consistently judged the worst and most common by financial planners.

If you’re a financial advisor or planner, this is invaluable information to present to your clients – and why they need your counsel and advice!

Please email or message if you’d like a copy of this graphic or a link to the study, and you can also contact me if you need any help with your financial firm’s marketing and client outreach.

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