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More Google My Business Hacks for Financial Professionals (Including their algorithm revealed!)

✅ Google’s business platform is invaluable for any financial professional or business owner – and it’s free to use.

✅ Did you know that the average business is found in 1,009 searches per month, with 84% of these coming from discovery searches?!

✅ And yet SO FEW financial planners, advisors, mortgage brokers, etc. I work with take full advantage of Google My Business (GMB) – or even come close.

✅ But GMB is tied to the biggest search engine in the world (Google), the second biggest (YouTube) and also fits seamlessly with Google ad campaigns.

✅ In this series of white papers and videos, I explain the value of GMB, as well as important basics, hacks, tips, advanced pro techniques, and more.

✅ That includes the actual specific algorithm that Google uses to rank and promote its businesses on Google My Business.

✅ In fact, the factors that go into your ranking (allowing you to show up on the first page of searches or even #1) include:

  1. Rating (84%)
  2. Legitimacy (81%)
  3. Recency (80%)
  4. Sentiment (79%)
  5. Quantity (79%)
  6. Responding to reviews (78%)
  7. Photos (64%)

✅ All of this information is free for you to download at www.7thwavemedia.com or just email me at norm@7thwavemedia.com or drop me a message.

✅ And when it’s time for some help with your Google My Business listing, I’m always available for you!

-Norm Schriever
7th Wave Media.com

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