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Marketing is math! Here’s how to leverage the numbers for business growth.

The old sales adage is that it takes seven positive interactions with a prospect before they will make a decision to become a client.

Well in 2024, it probably takes a whole lot more than seven positive touches, as people are so inundated with advertising, messages, social media, etc.

So, you want to make sure you’re increasing your positive touches or interactions with potential clients in 2024, and in that way, we can look at marketing as essentially just math.

Let me ask you this: How many people did you touch last year?

I mean, how many positive, strategic touchpoints did you initiate with each member of your database or audience?

In these touchpoints, you should have provided some great information, demonstrated your value, and asked for their business or some other call to action.

Between calls, emails, email marketing, social media, videos, advertisements, seminars, etc. how many people did you touch?




Whatever that number is, if you doubled it this year, what do you think the result would be?

One more client?

10% more business?

25% more new clients or even more?

I’m not sure, but I know it would be a whole hell of a lot more.

And in that way, marketing is just math.

Increase those positive, value-adding touches with clients in great scale and watch your business grow.

Fish in the ocean, not a pond.

Now I’m not saying just start shotgunning messages or emails out there and call those positive touches. Quite the contrary, I believe you should improve the quality and usefulness of those interactions, too.

In the financial services industry, if you provide value to a great number of people, your business can grow by leaps and bounds.

But here’s the thing – you probably can’t do that alone. To stay consistent, on-brand, and have quality custom content that you can distribute to your audience and the public, you’ll want to have help. That means getting some help with your marketing, whether it’s me or someone else great.

But make sure you have a system, a schedule, stay on-brand, and are consistent as you double your positive touches in 2024, and your business will thrive.

After all, marketing is just math!

In service,

-Norm Schriever

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