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Marketing education & presentations for financial planners.

Are you and your company looking for some knowledge about marketing and how to gain new clients?

I’d be happy to share all of my information, advice, and resources at your next office meeting, study or networking group, or special seminar.

We all need to keep learning, educating ourselves, and leveling-up our skills to grow. We also know that marketing and bringing new clients in the door is the lifeblood of any business.

So, keeping up to date on the most effective marketing and client acquisition strategies tactics is not only necessary, but it will literally put dollars in your pocket.

But as a financial advisor, financial professional, or any business owner, you just don’t have the time (or the desire) to dig into the research about best practices, case studies, new trends, how-to’s, etc. when it comes to:

• Branding
• Social media
• Content creation
• Email marketing
• Most effective website design
• Funnels and landing pages
• Creating client-facing materials
• Video marketing
• Using Google My Business effectively
• Instagram for financial advisors
• Systemizing your marketing to save time
• Reaching your ideal target market
• Using AI tools to grow your business!

I’ve given countless presentations or speeches in my professional career, and love offering as much value and guidance as possible in a live group setting. (It also makes sense for me timewise because I can record the presentation and share it as great content on social media, YouTube, etc.)

There are 3 ways we can set up these presentations about marketing:

  1. General overview of essential and most effective marketing.
  2. Deep dive on a specific topic.
  3. Answer a specific question(s) you present me.

Of course, enlisting my services for a presentation or talk comes at no cost – I do it because I love networking with good people and always honing my skills.

So, if you’re open to a presentation about marketing or any specific topic there-in, feel free to reach out so we can talk and set it up.

In service,
Norm Schriever

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