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How can 7th Wave Media help your business grow?

I’ve been talking to a whole lot of financial planners lately, helping them with their marketing, lead generation, and client acquisition, and I’m seeing nearly limitless potential for them to thrive and grow their business.

So, today I thought I’d give you a quick reintroduction to 7th Wave Media and what we can do to help you, the financial planner, professional, or business owner.

With about 218,000 financial advisors and planners in the U.S. currently, you need a smart, strategic marketing plan to stand out and continually connect with potential new clients.

And that’s exactly what we do; 7th Wave Media provides effective marketing campaigns for financial professionals that save time, make money, and help you grow exponentially.

Marketing every financial professional and business owner needs:
• Social media campaigns
• Email outreach
• Custom-written bios, blogs, and articles
• Images and graphics
• Plenty of video marketing
• Surveys, polls, and even cold calling
• Website building
• Paid ad campaigns
• Podcasts
• Artificial Intelligence tools!

Benefits to you, the financial advisor and business owner:
• Increase referrals
• Garner positive reviews
• Enhance local reputation
• Grow your following
• Establish strategic partnerships
• Increase sales AND your bottom line

Removing the hassles for financial professionals and business owners:
• One-stop shop for all your marketing needs
• Avoid internal hiring
• Save money using a boutique firm
• No HR or employee hassles
• Keep up with your big competitors!

So, feel free to get in touch to go over your marketing and see what we can do to make a huge positive impact on your business’ growth.

I’m always happy to help!

In service,

Norm Schriever

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