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Everything you need to know about Google My Business (Google Business Profile)

Everything you need to know about Google My Business (Google Business Platform)Google’s business platform is invaluable for any business owner or entrepreneur – and it’s FREE!

So, if you have a solar, HVAC, or construction company, sell real estate or are a mortgage lender, Google My Business should be a pivotal part of how new clients find you. 

Read on for the very basics about Google My Business listing, or you can download my full report here.

And for help setting up or optimizing your Google My Business listing, just contact me at norm@yourgreenmarketing.com.

What you need to know:

Google My Business (let’s call it GMB) is a platform by Google that’s used to list and promote businesses. (Note: it’s now officially called Google Business Profile.)

It’s a huge opportunity for business owners, service providers, and entrepreneurs to be discovered by consumers in their local community who are actively searching for products or services.

You can still use GMB is your business doesn’t have a physical location (like a storefront), but you instead provide services at the clients’ home (solar sales, HVAC, etc.) or sell real estate, etc.

Notable stats:

· Google represents 92% of search traffic in the U.S.
· There are more than 3.5 billion Google searches per day!
· The average business is found in 1,009 local searches per month on GMB.
· 90% of people read reviews before purchasing and trust from reviews is sky-high.
· Businesses in the USA receive 26% of their views from Google Maps (GMB) results.

Some of the benefits of Google My Business:

· Attract new clients
· Gain local visibility
· Show up on map searches (that’s huge!)
· Garner reviews (and respond)
· Boost organic SEO – very possible to show up on the first page of Google searches!
· Post photos, videos, promotions, events, text content, etc. just like other social media platforms.
· Message and respond directly with potential clients.

And it’s free!

Want more information about Google My Business (Google Business Profile) for your business?

You can download the full report here or just email me for a consultation.

-Norm Schriever

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