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Everything business owners need to know about Google My Business!

Hey everyone, this is Norm Schriever with GreenWave marketing with some great information for you about Google My Business.

Any of my friends, my clients, and even random people on the street are probably sick of me talking about Google My Business, but it’s a platform that really helps a lot of business owners and entrepreneurs get the word out in a great, efficient way to a local market.

I’m going to run down a few things about Google my business, but I actually have a comprehensive report for you guys and it’s totally for free. (You can download it here.)

So today, I’ll just scroll through and give you a couple of high points and benefits of Google My Business (GMB) in this video below.



GMB is not a social media platform – it’s more like a local search engine, really of a catalog of businesses and services that’s run by Google. That means it’s integrated with Google maps, integrated with Google search, etc..

So, it’s got all the benefits for search engine optimization of Google, but on a local level, but what’s cool is that it does have some of the features of you might see in a social media platform, you could post photos, you could post videos, you could post graphics and promotions and texts and messages. You can message people who go on there and ask questions about your business or have comments. You can message them directly. You could garner reviews and respond, which is really, really important.

All of this boosts your organic SEO which is great because not only is it going to get your name out there, but it’s really hyper-focused on your local market, which is where you want reach.

So, whether you’re a real estate agent, a loan officer, you have a solar company, HVAC, a financial planner own a construction firm and do business locally, not nationally, you definitely want a Google my business profile.

Again, it’s free to set up with Google. I can do that for you and help you optimize it, which is so important. Most business owners do about 20 or 30% to get started and then they leave it. At that point, it’s just sort of sitting there and it’s not really doing anything. But if you optimize it correctly and fill out all the information you should, highlight things you should, and with the proper settings, it could really, really help you with local searches.

In this free report I have all the highlights for you, including best practices, some great hacks, I cover GMB’s ranking system, pro tips, and more.

To get your free report just click here.

And you can always hit me up at norm@yourgreenmarketing.com if you have questions or want some help setting up and optimizing your Google My Business profile.

Until then, keep on keeping on!

Norm  🙂



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