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Google My Business is an invaluable tool.

As the top search engine in the world, Google drives more traffic than any single source, responsible for about 75% of all search queries in the U.S. today – including when consumers look for a local Realtor, mortgage lender, or any business.

Google has been around almost as long as there’s been an Internet, but it has a relatively new platform that can do some pretty incredible things when it comes to expanding your reach and presence online. (We’re not talking about Google+, which is dead as disco!)

I’m referring to the Google My Business page feature on – you guessed it – Google.

As a solar, HVAC, or clean energy company, getting your NAP (name, address, phone numbers, etc.), services, as well as the area you serve, email address, and website, etc. are crucial, and Google My Business will help you do that – and way more.

And the best part is that very few Realtors and loan officers are bothering to use it yet, so you have a window to be ahead of your competition.

In fact, having (and using) a Google My Business listing can:

• Increase any company’s visibility by 29%,
• Turn 60% more online searchers and visitors into leads,
• Boost mobile connectivity and engagement with your audience by up to 49%.

The best part is that it’s free!

However, it does take a little bit of time and know-how to do it correctly (you don’t want to just use your home address, for instance) so contact me if you need helping setting it up quickly and inexpensively.

Ok, let’s dig into the features and benefits of Google My Business:

What is Google My Business?
Google My Business is a convenient tool for businesses, organizations, and even real estate agents to organize, catalog, and promote their online presence across the Google universe. That includes syncing Google search, Google Maps, and more.
You can find the portal to get started at Google.com/business.

The powerful benefits of Google My Business:
By setting up and using Google My Business correctly, you’ll make it far easier for potential clients to find you, forums to connect with them directly, and ways to measure and optimize those interactions.

One of the main benefits, of course, is that your business will show up right when people are searching for your services or similar business in your area.

For solar, HVAC, or clean energy companies, that means when people search Google for your services in their local area, your business will appear in the search, complete with all the information you want them to have right at their fingertips – your name, phone number, website, email and even a flag on the Google Map. Amazing!

Since most of your business is probably hyper-local (you don’t care about taking a job in Kansas if your company is in Los Angeles), Google’s Google My Business (let’s call it GMB to save my typing finger) is a powerful and focused tool – and one that gives you a competitive edge over the 98% of other real estate salespeople who aren’t using it.

Here is some information that GMB will document and share across all Google platforms:

• Phone number
• Email
• Website URL
• URL to make an appointment
• Business hours
• Address (Again, this can be tricky for Realtors, but there’s a correct way to do it.)
• Locations
• Categories
• Company Logo
• Profile Photo
• Internal and external photos
• Virtual Tour (if applicable)
• Videos
• Other social media links

All of these tools will be at your disposal – and more with their advanced function. It’s no wonder why an estimated 39% of local retailers and walk-in businesses have already claimed and verified their Google My Business listing.

Here are 10 benefits of having a Google My Business page:

1. Your Google listing will attract a new audience via Google Search.
2. Your business will pop right up in Google Maps.
3. Easily manage your business information.
4. Gain reviews – and answer them directly.
5. Write and share Google posts.
6. Access user insights and search analytics.
7. Get a free Google website!
8. Offer specials, promotions, special discounts, etc.
9. Enjoy their Question & Answer feature.
10. Direct message your audience and potential clients.

If you’d like more info or help setting up your Google My Business listing, feel free to email me – I’m happy to help!

Norm Schriever

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